Another anti-Semitic attack in Sweden

Jewish Cemetery Attacked, in Sweden's Second anti-Semitic Incident This Week.

Another anti-Semitic attack was discovered in Sweden amid protests against president Trump's Jerusalem decision.

published in Haaretz:

David Stavrou Dec 11, 2017 8:15 PM

A Jewish cemetery in Malmö was attacked early on Monday, in Sweden's second suspected anti-Semitic incident this week.
Two bottles containing flammable substances were thrown at a Jewish cemetery close to the Jewish community building in the southern Swedish town of Malmö. No damage or injuries took place, as no one was present in the cemetery at the time of the attack. The Swedish police opened an investigation into what is being called a hate crime, after the bottles were discovered later on Monday. No arrests have been made.
Over the weekend, a couple of pro-Palestinian demonstrations took place in Malmö in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement, in which he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. During one of the demonstrations, anti-Semitic and violent slogans were shouted.
A synagogue in Gothenburg was firebombed on Saturday, and an Israeli flag burned in Stockholm, also in response to Trump's decision. Three people were arrested Sunday in connection with the attack on the Gothenburg synagogue as part of the investigation in which the Swedish secret police are involved.

According to local media the three men arrived in Sweden this year from the Middle East. The men are 18, 20 and 21 year old men, two of them arrived from Syria and another was born in Gaza. Police used material from surveillance cameras to make the arrests. The men's lawyers say their clients deny the charges.
Malmö police spokesman, Nils Norling, said on Monday that there is no clear connection between the three incidents, "but we feel the atmosphere and feelings around the world, which are apparent in Malmö too."
Local politicians and religious leaders in Sweden have condemned these actions.


David Stavrou דיויד סטברו

עיתונאי ישראלי המתגורר בשוודיה Stockholm based Israeli journalist

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